[AMRadio] ARRL's Threatened Bandwidth Petition - action taken?

peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Thu Jan 27 14:58:31 EST 2005

Looks like the ARRL will not file this amended proposal until later this
year at the earliest.
>From the ARRL web site: 

Draft Petition to Establish Subbands by Bandwidth Modified
Following recommendations of the ARRL Executive Committee, the Board
adopted changes to the League's pending petition that would propose
segmenting bands principally by maximum bandwidth rather than by emission
type. The petition remains in the draft stage, although the Board has
reviewed the document and membership input. 

Board members okayed three amendments to the draft. These would call on
the FCC to permit non-telephony emissions not exceeding 3 kHz at 10.135
to 10.150 MHz, to prohibit "continuous" test transmissions on most
frequencies above 51 MHz, and to clarify §97.309 of the rules to specify
that amateur stations may use any published digital code, as long as
other rules are observed. 

Additionally, the Executive Committee will evaluate whether to recommend
retaining, deleting or amending §97.221(b) and/or §97.221(c) of the rules
regarding automatic control of digital emissions. "This evaluation shall
include, but not be limited to, the effect of these rules, and the effect
of proposed changes in these rules, on APRS and other current and planned
digital communications in the HF bands," the resolution noted. 

The Board will consider the amended bandwidth petition and the Executive
Committee's further report at its July meeting. The League is not
expected to file the petition with the FCC until later this year at the

The full ARRL Board Meeting Story is here:

Pete, wa2cwa

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