[AMRadio] VIRGIN ARC 5's

Larry Baker wb5ofd at wcc.net
Thu Jan 27 18:43:28 EST 2005

Hi Bob:

Thought I would reply off list.

When I read your post  my first thought was that this is indeed a Small
World.  I grew up in Junction City, Oregon, graduating from High School in
1962.  In 61 and 62,  I also ran an Arc 5/T-17/Webster band spanner on 75M,
in my Blue,  two door,  51 Ford with two,  two Barrel Carbs.  As I recall I
had some difficulty in occasionally snapping one of the rear axle shafts.
The radio gear came from an Army Surplus store in Albany, Or.  A J-38 was a
nickel from a big barrel. Still have it, but the ARC 5 and the Ford are long
gone.   Hope you don't mind my sending you my memory.

73, Larry
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> Brings back old memories...In 1960 we had a ARMY SURPLUS store in Bangor,
> that stocked these with all the accessories  ...Paid $5.00 a unit... This
> was new in the box.  If you wanted a used one they were $2.50 each... Had
> the dynamotor and the T-17 mikes as well. I ran one mobile in 61 and 62 in
> my 51 Ford  with a Webster band spanner on 75..Took a long time for the
> dynamotor to come up to speed  Hi !!!  Man those were the days....
> Very Best 73's
> Bob Peters-W1PE
> ARRL ASM, President
> QCWA Chapter 41
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