[AMRadio] Jim's tvi problems

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Jan 31 14:38:18 EST 2005

Agreed Mike.  I had a power company lineman tell me not to do the 
sledgehammer trick.  If something is about to break, it could fall with some 

It is best to get an aircraft handheld receiver and put a 2 meter beam on it 
that you can hold in your hand.  Using the aircraft receiver will take one 
to the pole where the noise is coming from.  Actually it is best to use 
something at 300 MHz, but those receivers for AM are not available 

That red glow is sometimes there for determination of operation, but I don't 
know what type of operation it means.  Let the professionals fix the 

73  JPW

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> Far be it from me to be a power line expert. However the glowing red spot
> means it is: 1. About to burn out or 2. About to BLOW UP! I would leave 
> the
> sledge hammer work to the paid professionals.. 73 Mike
>> Jim:
>> get you a sledge hammer and while listening to ur radio smack the pole a
>> few times. also look for poles with a bank of caps on it. these are known
>> sources of pulse noise as they have two hardware nuts and a lot of the
> guys
>> just tighten the first one and snug the second.
>> 73 Tony

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