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Thu Jul 7 08:42:29 EDT 2005

For Sale: HRO-7, Stanor 60P, PP 813 amp, BA Literature

Stancor 60P project rig. This thing started life as a
Stancor 60P. The 60P is an HF AM/CW transmitter using
plug-in coils. The final is an HK-24 driven by a 6L6M.
It is a 19 inch rack panel and chassis with no
cabinet. The modulator is push-pull 6L6Ms. This 60P
has a bunch of mods. Some of these used new holes on
the front panel. A friend milled a clean front panel
for me. But it is black where the original was gray.
Both front panels are included in this sale.
Electrically, the TX is complete except for 2 missing
5Z3 rectifiers. All the tube sockets and major
components are where they should be. There are no big
unoriginal holes on the chassis, though there are a
couple small ones. Underneath, this thing is a haywire
nightmare with loose connections and stuff like toggle
switches just hanging loose. So this needs a complete
restoration. It started life as a kit and that is what
I would recommend doing for restoration-returning it
to a kit. Other than the 5Z3s and a couple odd mods
(like the original rotary meter switch changed to a
toggle), it's all here. As-is. Heavy. $35

Homebrew RF deck. This is an HF RF deck that used 2
small push-pull triodes (which are missing). The
chassis is a 17 inch wide black wrinkle steel Bud
unit. The tubes used must have had an external plate
pin out the top and a grid pin out the side based on
looking at the clip leads next to the tube socketrs.
So what would these be? Eimac 35TG is the only one
that I can think of. The 2 tube sockets are 4-pin
ceramic. The 19 inch wide rack panel on the front is
made of masonite but has a clean black wrinkle finish
on it. A window is cut in the panel to see the 2
tubes. 2 Simpson meters are mounted above the window. 
As you look at the panel, the input tank is on the
right and the output tank is on the left. Both in and
out use plug-in coils and Bud variable caps. The input
side has a Bud 10M 5-pin coil in it. The output side
has a Bud 5-pin ceramic jackbar mounted on top of the
cap. In that jackbar is what looks like a hime made
10M final coil with center link.There are 2 adjustable
height disk-type neutralizing caps, one next to each
tube socket. The parts count underneath is minimal
with wiring being done bus-bar style. Ceramics are
used to make all connections. The filament transformer
is a Thordarson T19F85. It and the meters are about
the only parts on this desk that was not made by Bud.
Which raises the question: Could this have been the RF
deck from some sort of Bud transmitter kit? That
mystery is left to the buyer to figure out. As-is $40

National HRO-7 with matching speaker, doghouse PS, and
coils A-E. Really good looking except that one toggle
switch has been replaced with an ugly toggle with a
black plastic bat-handle. Paint is excellent with only
minor scuffs. Nice+. $450

Homebrew amplifier with PP 813s. No power supply. 19"
rack mount 12 inches high. 3 meters. 4 Big knobs.
Seems very well-made. Has one control on side because
apparently a fan was added right where the right-angle
drive was that connected to this control. Tubes
included. $90

The AM Connection. This was an attempt at a bi-monthly
AM "newsletter" published as a labor of love by Harold
Storrer, WD8MRE. It apparently attracted few
subscribers and vanished after publishing about a
dozen issues. Publication was nowhere near bi-monthly,
being very irregular. The ones I have here are #1
(1/2, 1983), #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #10 (Spring, 1988).
$14/all PPD

The AM Press/Exchange. This was the original
publication of SPAM. This cool AM newsletter has a
long and noble boatanchor history.  Contributors
include Don Chester, Hoisy Hoisington, the Timtron and
 K1MAN, among many other famous AMers. One of these
issues has a great article on the (in)famous W2OY ("No
kids, no lids, no space cadets," etc....)  with photos
and all. This set of AMPX is all from the 1980s. The
set includes: 9 (February, 1984), 10 - 19, 21 - 46, 48
- 68 (February, 1989). A total of 58 issues. $40 PPD

Tom Kneitel & Robert Brown, 101 Easy Test Instrument
Projects, Tab Books Hardback, 1981. This has an
occasional tuibe project, but most are transistors.
Like new. $7

Practical Electrix Magazine. 1930's How-To magazine
for electricity projects. Lots of motors, generators
and details on how to wind transformers. 12/36 (V1#1),
Spring, 1937, Summer, 1937, Autumn, 1937. A total of 4
issues. All in excellent condition. $12 PPD/all

73 Magazine, Amateur Semiconductor Handbook Volume I,
Transistor Projects for the Amateur, edited by Paul
Franson, WA7KRE, 1970. Paperback in good condition.
140+ pages. Some interesting projects including the
(famous?) 2-Q receiver transistorized receiver modeled
after the Drake 2-B. $7

Ken W. Sessions, Jr., K6MVH, Amateur FM Conversion &
Construction Projects, TAB Books, 1974. Many original
projects plus conversions for GS Prog Line, Motorola,
etc. 276 pages. $8

73 Magazine Editors, Master handbook of Ham Radio
Circuits, Tab Books, 1977. 392 pages of receivers,
transmitters, RTTY, VHF and Accessories. $8

Set of early Gernsback Radio Library Books published
between 1934 and 1939. This set includes the following
volumes: #1 Radio Set Analyzers, #2  Modern Vacuum
Tubes, #3 The Superhetrodyne Book, #4 Modern Radio
Hook-Ups, #9 Automobile Radio and Servicing, #10 Home
Recording and All About It, #11 Point to Point
Resistance Measurements, #16 Practical Radio Circuits,
#19 Practical Radio Kinks and Short Cuts. Total of 9
books. All of these are paperback in goo concition
with some slight deterioration at the spine. #16 has
been taped across the spine. Very impressive early
Gernsback. $35 PPD

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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