[AMRadio] FW: HRO-7, Stancor 60P, PP 813 amp, BA Literature,

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Thu Jul 7 10:09:24 EDT 2005

    Hi Don! If available, I'll take these.

   I don't know if you got my previous message re: the Valiant - it's 
gotten all new power tubes, and I'm just now placing the order for all of 
the capacitors in the RF chain - some are good, some are iffy, a couple 
are junk...   but the transmitter is putting rated power into a (sweating) 
dummy load on 40 and 20 M....    it'll be on the air as soon as I get the 
caps, and the time to put them in.

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Merz Donald S wrote:
> Practical Electrix Magazine. 1930's How-To magazine
> for electricity projects. Lots of motors, generators
> and details on how to wind transformers. 12/36 (V1#1),
> Spring, 1937, Summer, 1937, Autumn, 1937. A total of 4
> issues. All in excellent condition. $12 PPD/all
> Set of early Gernsback Radio Library Books published
> between 1934 and 1939. This set includes the following
> volumes: #1 Radio Set Analyzers, #2  Modern Vacuum
> Tubes, #3 The Superhetrodyne Book, #4 Modern Radio
> Hook-Ups, #9 Automobile Radio and Servicing, #10 Home
> Recording and All About It, #11 Point to Point
> Resistance Measurements, #16 Practical Radio Circuits,
> #19 Practical Radio Kinks and Short Cuts. Total of 9
> books. All of these are paperback in goo concition
> with some slight deterioration at the spine. #16 has
> been taped across the spine. Very impressive early
> Gernsback. $35 PPD



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