[AMRadio] Re: Heath problem

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Sun Jul 10 14:00:01 EDT 2005

In this case the broken part is a custom stamped berrilium copper disk.
Heath had an extensive sheet metal fabricating facility. From what I
understand the only case Heath did not make themselves was the cabinets for
the SB series because of the rounded corners. That is why the HW-100 has
square corners.

I am consirering making a replacement from a pair of small O-rings. But that
will mean machining a hub for them. But I do have a small lathe. The big
problem is I only have one eye now.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.


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> While I cant offer any ideas on this fix, even though I own alot of Heath
stuff, my logic may apply.  I needed to refurbish a Drake R4C once where the
rubber friction drive behind the main tuning knob had dried out.  Thinking
that Drake probably didn't custom manufacture this part, it did look
familiar.  A trip to the local hardware store turned up preformed valve stem
packing, and looking through the selection turned up one with the right size
and sponginess.
> I would take a guess that Heath used as much off the shelf material as
possible, and taking your broken pieces around to hardware stores may turn
up something or lead to an idea.  Plastic items can be located at hobby
shops and art supply stores also.  Good luck.
> Charlie, W4MEC  in NC
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