[AMRadio] FS: Heath Manuals, E-200-C, etc.

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Tue Jul 12 11:27:14 EDT 2005

Don,  I'm interested in the Megohmeter. Let me know
with shipping to 78681.


--- Merz Donald S <merz.ds at mellon.com> wrote:

> For Sale: Heathkit Manuals, E-200-C, etc.
> Precision E-200-C Signal Generator. Nice looking
> shape in every respect. Leather handle intact. $19
> Military AN/PSM-2 ZM-14A Megohmeter with snap-on
> lid. Cool meter for 0-1000 meghohms with built-in
> hand-crank generator for test voltage. $19
> Heathkit Original Manuals. Most of these have the
> oversize fold-out drawings. $6 each, 2 for $10. $1
> each for US media mailing.
> AA-1 Audio Analyzer
> AG-10 Sine-Square Wave Generator
> CB-1 Citizens Band Transceiver
> HD-1 Harmonic Distortion Meter
> IB-2A Impedance Bridge
> IT-21 Tube Checker with a bunch of supplemental test
> data charts
> LG-1 Laboratory Type Signal Generator
> PS-4 Regulated Power Supply
> QM-1 Q-Meter
> WA-P2 Preamplifier
> Hazeltime Electronics Corporation 500V 200ma power
> supply. This is in a beat up 15x9x11 black wrinkle
> steel cabinet with flip-top lid. Both volts and MA
> are metered. Output is variable using a variac that
> looks cooked. Filament voltage is also adjustable.
> Output is taken at binding posts on front. Navy UTS
> anchor symbols are stamped in several places.
> Components and construction are first rate.
> Rectifier tube is a 5U4 which seems over-worked in
> this application to me. 2 big Thordarson chokes in
> output filter. Front panel labeling must've been
> done by the student intern because it is sloppy.
> Minus the variac, this would need very little to be
> an excellent, fixed-output transmitter power supply.
> Untested. As-is. $30. Heavy-will cost more to ship
> than to buy.
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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