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Rev. Don Sanders innatehealing at bigplanet.com
Tue Jul 12 14:10:15 EDT 2005

The plate dissapation of the 6146's is the key. Your carrier steady on
should not exceed the dissapation rating. This is about 50 watts if I
remember right which would give you 200 watts PEP. So your power suppl;y
should be capable of about 150 watts continuous and it will handle the 200
watts on peaks. I would beef up the fan so that I had a good amount of air
passing the glass of the 6146's to keep the seals cool.
There were several articles in old mags for the conversion of DX100 to
linears for the SB10.
Those would be a good start for info.
Healthfully yours,
                          DON W4BWS
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> I want to thank everyone who responded to my question. The consensus of
> opinion is that the AL-811 runs 100 watts of carrier on AM with 400 watts
> PEP. This with 3X811 while my DX-100 does the same thing with 2X6146.
> Doesn't sound right, does it? I have a junker HW-100 with a good PA
> section. How much power could I run as a linear amp using 2X6146 and what
> rating power supply would I need? Thanks.
> Ed K6UUZ
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