[AMRadio] power ratings

Rev. Don Sanders innatehealing at bigplanet.com
Tue Jul 12 18:41:04 EDT 2005

Ken, as I read the rules, we are only allowed to run 375 watts carrier. With
100% modulation this will give us 1500 watts pep which is the max output
I agree 300 watts carrier is almost necessary, however smaller linears wont
handle that and if funds are limited, 150 watts with 600 pep isw better than
nothing. I use my DX60B into the SB200 and the controlled carrier helps to
keep the plate dissapation low on the 572B's.
Healthfully yours,
                          DON W4BWS
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> I've been using linear amps in AM service for a few year now.  With
> band conditions, it seems to me that a goal should be at least 300 watts
> carrier.  Sure you can make contacts with 25-50 watts but for consistant
> contacts, the higher power is the best.   When guys ask me about linears,
> usually advise that they shouldn't waste time on any linear with a tube or
> tubes with less than 1000 watts of plate dissapation.  One of the best off
> the shelf amps is the Ameritron AL-1200 and even with that amp, when I
> 1500 watts PEP on AM the scope will start to show flattopping above that
> level.  In addition, the smaller off the shelf SSB amps do not have the
> necessary beefy power supply to do AM operations at the rated PEP ratings.
> 73,
> Ken W2DTC
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