[AMRadio] power ratings

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Tue Jul 12 22:12:14 EDT 2005

Gary Schafer wrote:

> Geoff wrote:
>> Gary Schafer wrote:
>>> The best quality audio of all can be gotten from low level 
>>> modulation and a linear amplifier.
>> However, highly non-efficient.
> Efficiency doesn't matter anymore for hams. Output power is the 
> limiting factor not input power.

I don't operate in those circles. 

I'm still a ham from the OLD days, when Radio was RADIO.

For what some pass off as hams these days, you could do just as well to 
drive down to the local
discount store, and buy a boom-box and plug it in.  That's all it takes 
to be a ham these days,
anyway - right?

No one builds anymore.  It seems like no one goes out and finds some 
wire, stretches out a pre-determined
length and feed a peice of coax in the middle of it, to make an 
antenna.  No, they'd rather BUY a dipole...
HOLY JIMMINY!  The first "commercial dipole" I saw for sale, I about 
soiled my knickers.  I thought
"now, there's a guy with a good idea, but who's gonna pay $50 for 25' of 
RG-58 coax, a pair of connectors,
some copper wire and a peice of pvc?  That was at a hamfest, and an hour 
later, he was sold out.

Ain't for me, man...

73 = Best Regards,

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