[AMRadio] RA-1000 for sale

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 11:24:57 EDT 2005

That Raytheon RA-1000 now on ebay may have been
purchased brand new by the station where it sits. In a
directory of radio stations, I show licenced to that
town a WGAI, 560Kc, which opened service November
1947, and about the same vintage as the RA-1000.

Elizabeth City, NC is just south of Virginia Beach,
Va., with interstate access most of the way.

There was an RA-1000 rescue in the Pacific Northwest a
few years ago that Kent, K7YXZ, fully documented at
this website:


I helped retrieve an RA-1000 a few years ago from WJRO
Glen Burnie Maryland with Steve, WB3HUZ, whose wife
Carol saw us under cover of darkness try to sneak this
beast into his cellar during a rainstorm. She insisted
that it come to MY house instead, but since I didn't
have the room, we dismantled it, saved the iron,
trashed the rest. Too bad, it's a nice rig.

The mod transformer now sings at Gary's place in
Syracue, W2INR, the 200lb plate transformer is still
resting on a pair of 2x4 on the floor of my garage,
and  we used one of the 1/8" thick steel side panels
as a table for K3L, the AM Expedition to Thomas Point
Lighthouse, seen here holding everything up:


If someone makes a bid on this ebay listing, let me
know if I can help. I too have a photcopy of the
manual that I kept, but the listing says there's one.


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