[AMRadio](still selling stuff!

Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Fri Jul 15 21:59:21 EDT 2005

I am still cleaning out stuff I don't seem to use that has
filled up the basement.

Gonset G76 with home built power supply (looks very nice).
This is a trans/receiver, sort of a receiver and transmitter in one small 
and really cool looking cabinet.
80 through 6 meters, VFO, plate modulated, puts out about 70 watts of
The receiver uses a 262 KHz IF, and works very well on AM.
I changed the (very poor) audio output circuit that used the modulator
to put out 8 ohm audio, I put a small IC chip in to drive the speaker, good
This thing is VERY easy to work on, the case slides open and exposes all the

$350.00 with manual.

Scott model SLRM, am band to about 25 MHz general coverage short wave
receiver. This has push pull audio output, direct coupled, and a selectivity
switch that has cw, narrow, medium, wide, and hi fi.
Sounds fantastic with the built in speaker, has the magic eye tube for
tuning, this
thing is likely a collectors item, it looks brand new, and works like brand
new, with
copy of the manual and a set of spare tubes.

Rack mount nikko audio power amp, 120 watts a channel I think, this was high
end stuff some time ago, has dual meters on the front, and a speaker switch,
A, B, both.
Works great, looks good, used it as a driver for modulator grids
(lots of head room?)
Its heavy, uses real iron and big heat sinks..

UTC CVM5 mod transformer, this one is quiet and makes no noise.
600 watt model, heavy, no rust.
Not sure what these things are going for these days...

50 Henry peter Dahl modulation reactor, 400ma, like new, 

New medium size ups, APC smart ups 1000, about 1 foot by 2 foot by 8 inches
Never used, with manual, not old.

Textronix 475a dual trace 100 mhz O scope with built in DM44 (DMM)

HP 4935A analog test set (sends and measures tone, noise, etc).

Any fair offers considered...

Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
home phone 856-753-8406
Work cell 610-637-7530

Located in South Jersey, wont ship most stuff as its too heavy and/or

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