[AMRadio] Gonset

BSugarberg bsugarberg at core.com
Sat Jul 16 01:01:27 EDT 2005

Hello John,

You're right - the transmitter is a model G-77.  The receiver was a
model G-66.  The final was a 6146, and it had a separate ps/modulator
with two 6BQ6 class B modulators.

73, Bruce WA8TNC
John Coleman ARS WA5BXO wrote:
> 	Well to be honest I never saw the inside of one but a friend of
> mine had one, at least I think that is what he had.  Now I'm not sure.
> Was there another model XCVR by Gonset that was similar but had low
> level modulation?
> 	I did have a silver faced G-7--- something, mobile XMTR with
> separate power supply / modulator where the modulators were triode
> connected zero biased as you described.  Was it a G-77?  I just can't
> remember but it was not a XCVR, just a XMTR.  I think it had a 6146 in
> the final and the modulators were 6DQ6s.  The receiver I used was PMR7
> Multi ELMAC.
> God, those were the good old days!
> John

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