[AMRadio] AM Activity?

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Fri Jul 29 07:50:20 EDT 2005

wb6orz wrote:

>    Hi, Pete. Interesting post.
>    Maybe AM activity has fallen off some because of the conditions, 
> but out here the AMI Net still holds forth weekely on 3870, with as 
> many as 40-50 or more check-ins. Also, we have a local AM Early Birds 
> Net Sat AM's, with several regulars (including me).
>    In terms of any general fall-off, maybe it's the aging of the 
> group, of course we know that phenonenon.
>    My Valiant and Ranger are faithful, and I've been meaning to run my 
> CE 100V on AM, when I recently heard another on the air, it sounded 
> great. Angel Music.

There's been a number of guys, from various times, on early-mornings, 
around 4am, CST on 3.885Mc, another group gets on 3.890Mc around 6 or 7, 
and then
around 7am, there's activity on 3.880Mc - so, we get to go through the 
changing of the band and go from talking to the Central US from Colorado 
to East
Tennessee and Florida, to 'locals' (within the state of Texas)

Daily... there's someone on every day.

y'all come! ;-)

73 = Best Regards,

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