[AMRadio] Friday evening -- Pacific AM 3825

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Jul 29 12:25:34 EDT 2005

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, John A. Lorenc wrote:

> Hey Paul and everyone else on the reflector,
>   A few people have asked about my setup (I think) and so here it is.  Sad 
> to say, I don't have any vintage equipment yet (aside from a heathkit 
> receiver), but for AM I'm using a Yaesu FT-897 pumping 100W (usually) into a 
> Hustler 6 Band vertical buried in the ground outside the house.

   At least I hope you left the tip of it sticking out of the grass - jeez 
I guess you have to dig it up every time you want to tune it...?  Sure 
does do away with the 'ground radial' issue.  How'd you dig the hole - 
call in a bore well company?


   Slightly more seriously - I am a few more HV ceramic caps away from 
having my AM station back on the sir - usually on 80M, 3880 or 
thereabouts.  I was using my old Kenwood TS430S, but I had the chance to 
sell it and did so ro boatanchor restoration cash.  I'm using a Johnson 
Valiant, R390A (R390 on the way), R388/51J-4, with a top-of-the-fence loop 
of some 400', fed with ladder-line back to a Dentron SuperTuner.

   One of the vexing problems I've encountered is deliberate QRM - and 
outright malicious jamming, from folks who are "mode bigots" - they seem 
to feel that even the tiny AM windows are somehow an afront to their 
concept of spectrum allocation - and of course there are a few AMers who 
try and retailate - sigh.


"Why can't we all just get along???"


   Let's hope that with the rise of AM and Vintage Radio Stations - this 
unfortunate abuse of Hamdom will subside.

   Cause otherwise I'm firin' up my friend's Gates BC1 and cranking the 
'Plate' control al the way over to the stop....

    Just kidding...

Also - building a KW amp is a fine intermediate project - the skilss 
involved are mostly mechanical and layout - the circuit itself is not at 
all complex - you sould have a very fine time with it, and to me, there's 
nothing more satisfying than using a piece of gear on the air that you 
built up from scratch...

   I look forward to some nice AM QSOs with you - as soon as I get the rest 
of the caps stuck back in this Valiant - she's been on her side on the 
bench for a month now....


John  KB6SCO  Carson City, NV

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