[AMRadio] HQ110A speaker

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 30 09:21:55 EDT 2005

The best audio quality on that Hammarlund comes when
you pre-set the audio output of the HQ-110A so that
the AF circuitry is not "adjusting" the tone as

I have an HQ-100AC and found that the lower volume
settings and the higher volume settings include
different emphasis between bass and treble, a
deliberate compensation circuit.

I find the sweet spot in the audio output level where
the response is "flat" or unaffected by this
compensation, and then drive an external audio
amplifier and a hi-fi speaker (like you'd use on your
home stereo). The external amp, which can be as simple
as a $40 yard sale stereo, gives you all the volume
control you'd need, and can provide tone controls for
bass and treble to suit your taste.  Using such a
setup also typically provides an output to make a



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