[AMRadio] Slip up mast for 80 meter antenna

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sat Jul 30 12:55:38 EDT 2005

zuu6k at juno.com wrote:

>I have installed dozens of them for TV antennas through the years. Up to
>50 Ft (5 sections). They are just made from electrical thin-wall conduit
>(EMT). You can make your own cheaper. Paint a wide stripe around the
>bottom of each inner section about a foot from the end. Pull slowly and
>when you see the stripe, stop and insert the 1/4" cotter pin. You can
>make a base from 2 each 6" lengths of angle iron with a bolt through them
>and the bottom of the outside section. Good luck.

the problem with that method, I've found Ed, is that when the sections 
are banging together in the
wind, and they're not secure from one section to another, they tend to 
create static and noise in
the reciever.  Much better performance from Push-up masts, when they're 
'solid', and well grounded.

EMT is a great idea, but I think those joints that are threaded on each 
end would make better support
Easy steps (as I see it)
1) get someone to help.
2) Put two sections together for 20'
3) attach a pully w/rope to the top of the sections
4) stand them up against the house/garage
5) loosely fasten a clamp around the pole against the structure you're 
mounting it to
6) push up the existing sections and insert the next one from the bottom.

How high you want to go, depends on how many sections you decide you need

Personally, my experience has been that dipole antennas work better when 
1/4 length (or better) above ground, for the frequency you're operating.

1/4w on 75m is roughly 60'.  Even if you can't 'flat-top' the antenna, 
at least the apex,
or highest point of the antenna should be that far above ground.

Just my .02c worth.  No change needed. Your mileage may vary.

73 = Best Regards,

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