[AMRadio] Slip up mast for 80 meter antenna

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 30 14:06:42 EDT 2005

The last time I bought one of these was a few years ago to hold up my 10m 
ground plane.  I think I got mine at the local electronics supply store.

Rohn used to sell some very nice heavily galvanised heavy duty ones, but 
since they went out of business I am not sure if whoever is still selling 
their product offers them.

I used to make a 1/4 wave 80m mast by adding two standard 10' tv masts to 
the top of a 50 footer.  The 50 footer actually only extended up 45' because 
some height was lost where the sections telescope together.  Two more 10' 
sections on top made the whole thing a little over 60' tall.  It took a crew 
of people to raise the thing, though.  One slipup and you have a giant steel 
pretzel to dispose of.

The declining use of over-the-air tv reception, especially if the tv 
stations are all forced to go digital in a couple of years, will likely make 
telescoping tv masts as rare and hard to find as triode transmitting tubes.


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