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John Coleman ARS WA5BXO wa5bxo2005 at pctechref.com
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	An 8 ohms speaker will work fine and will have less distortion
and generally better fidelity but will not be quiet as loud as a 4 ohm.
You could parallel two of these 8 ohm speakers for the 4 ohm load.
	You might consider using some of the little amplified analog
speakers that or made for computers.  Some, in the 35 to 50 dollar
range, are very nice with their on amplifier, having volume and bass
treble controls with a bass speaker and two small satellite speakers.
They come with a mini stereo connector for connecting to a computers
audio output but the connector can be cut off and the two stereo coaxial
lines tied in parallel for mono operation.  You could just plug it in
too a mini female connector and wire the female connector to the HQ110
audio output or get an adapter that will go from the mono head phone
jack on the radio to the mini stereo male connector of the speakers.
The input impedance on these speakers in generally in the my range of
1000 ohms so they want produce much of a load on the radio's output and
this will improve the fidelity of the output section of the radio.  A
lot of time, the cheep speakers in the twenty dollar or less range
actually make better communication speakers and will produce less hum
because of their poor low frequency response.  Some of the real cheep
ones or not stereo, even though there or two speakers and a stereo
connector but they are amplified.  These can be purchased for less that
ten dollars and work quiet well for communication speakers but not for
fidelity in frequency response.

Good Luck



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    Was wandering if I could get a few suggestions on an External
Speaker?Am trying to get a station up and running useing a Heath DX-60B
and Hammarlund HQ-110A. The only Hammarlund speaker I could find was
worth more I guess then I payed for the receiver. Anyways was wandering
what some of you guys are useing that are not useing matching speakers
for there receivers. Also the Hammarlund calls for 4 ohm speaker and was
wandering if the audio fidelty would still be OK useing an 8 ohm speaker
of some sort?
                                                           73 Thanks
                                                           Herb WA3HGT
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