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Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sun Jul 31 15:26:07 EDT 2005

Joe A. Taylor wrote:

> I'm sorry in advance, but I can't help myself......
>>> Hey, buddy - *I* know how smart you are, but telling someone 
>>> something about something
>>> wont hold much *creedance*(credence) if the someone reading it can't 
>>> make out what it is you're saying...

What, you've never heard of Clearwater Revival?  ;-) 
(I saw that, -after- it went out...   *oops*)

>>> I'm not criticizing, just trying to help.
>>> Mispelled words are in *'s and the replacement is located (within).
>>> 73 = Best Regards,
>>> -*Geoff* (Jeff) /W5OMR

Oh, no - *Geoff* is correct.  GEOFF is my -name- so it can no more be 
misspelled than can

>>> *Joe* (Jo) <<   n4nas1 at hotmail.com

(ewe *or* jokeing, rite?)


73 = Best Regards,

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