[AMRadio] FS: SX-100, HQ-180, Millen, Greenlee, More

Paul Sokoloff dogfaces at comcast.net
Tue Jun 7 23:51:48 EDT 2005

If the sideband selector is still available, I would like it.


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FS: Boatanchors and Miscellaneous

Hallicrafters SX-100. Looks great and works better
than it ought to for its age. $200

Check this out. Brand new Millen 90651 grid dip
oscillator in original box and perfect condition.
With all coils, manuals and packaging. I don't think
this has ever been out of the box. Like a time
machine. $99

And another one.... Brand new Millen 92101 R9'er
HF preamp with 46910 (27-32mc) coil in original box in
perfect condition. Coils 46915 (19-22mc), 46906
(48-55mc), 46920 (13-15mc) and 46996 (TV Channel 6)
are in separate faded red Millen boxes. With all
manuals and packaging. I don't think this has ever
been out of the box either. $79

And just when you thought you'd seen it all....
I think this is a WWII Japanese volt-ohm meter in a
metal case with bakelite front panel. Lettering is
engraved (or stamped?) Japanese markings. Volts-Ohms
-Amps are marked V-R-mA in addition to their Japanese
markings. Paper tag on end with Japanese writing on it
is probably calibration dates but not on our calendar.
Beautiful original condition. Write for photos.
Looking for best offer over $200 before I put it on

Hammarlund HQ-180C in great-looking condition. It
works reasonably well after it is warmed up but the
calibration is off by about 2kc. all original. $250

Hammarlund large speaker for HQ-180 and similar.
Nice shape but some scuffs along front trim. $115

A rare one... TMC GPR-90 matching speaker. Some
scuffs on paint but nice overall condition. Driver
is Jensen. Grille cloth is dark, unlike the one
shown in this link:

An uncommon one... Millen 92105 Sideband Selector
(SSB Receiver Detector/Slicer). Case paint has some
dings. Missing some screws and knob from lever
switch. As-is. $59

GF-11/RU-16 wooden box with handles and locking latch.
Stamped label says "Operating Spare Parts For Model
GF-11/RU-16 Equipment Serial 7594 Contract Number
84530 Date 4-21-41 Gross Weight 21.5 LBs". Has chip
out of front lid edge. It should have a wooden tray in
it but that is missing. Also missing are almost all
the spare parts except for the resistors, pots and 2
coils. Still solidly built after 64 years. $39

Gonset Super 6 BCB to HF converter. Has some paint
scrapes. But this is in excellent condition. No holes.
Original knobs. Clean dial. $28

Greenlee Chassis Punch Set 735, This set was for
conduit. It includes 4 sizes: 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/8" and
1-3/4". This is used but not over-used. It's in very
good condition with original leather case in the
original box with the Greenlee brochure. Value: $65

Individual Greenlee punches. Most used (some NOS) in
excellent condition with original box.

2 inch round $30
1-3/8" round $20
1-1/4" round $20
1-1/8" round $20
15/16" round $15
11/16" round $15
5/8" round $15

1-11/64" round with keyway (#732 punch)$20
1" square $20
7/8" square $15
3/4" square $15
5/8" square $15
1/2" square $15

Military WWII Type F-19/UPR Condenser Wave Trap for
Model AN/APR-1 and AN/SPR-1 radio equipment. Made by
Marine Radio Co. with a Jan 30, 1945 contract date.
Seems intact and in decent shape. $19

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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