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Wed Jun 8 12:50:54 EDT 2005

Thanks John

That seems to be the consensus of all the responses. I will purchase some plates drill them out, insert the barrells and see how it goes from there.

All the Best

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> You should have installed plaster rings while the walls were uncovered.  You 
> can easily make your own SO-239 wall connectors with blank plates either 
> plastic or preferably metal.  Get some SO-239 feed through barrels and drill holes 
> in the wall plates to fit.  You will probably want to use an angle connector 
> on the inside of the wall, especially insulated walls to prevent having to bend 
> the coax at too great an angle.
> I have a double gang blank wall plate that I drilled out for 6 evenly spaced 
> barrels.  Looks really professional.  There is a matching plate installed in 
> the overhang of the roof line so that the connectors are installed vertically. 
> It is far enough back in the overhang so that coax seal or similar products 
> are really not needed unless you are hyper about it.
> 73,
> John,  W4AWM
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