[AMRadio] Coax Wall Plates

gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Wed Jun 8 13:18:18 EDT 2005

I'm pretty sure you can still get SO 239 barrels from Mouser that only 
require one hole to mount.
Then buy yourself as many stainless steel blank wall plates as needed. 
Drill them out and install the barrels.
Makes a professional job of it and the stainless will take the beating 
of mounting the barrell. Plastic ones will just
split when you try to drill them.
George KE4HJ

Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:

>On 6/8/05, W6OM <W6OM at cox.net> wrote:
>>House re modeling is done and I am starting to set up Vintage Shack
>>again. Anyone know if there exists RG-8 coax through the wall plates
>>similar to cable TV through the wall plates.
>>Hate to start hacking holes in those nice new walls for the coax.
>Ron - 
>The only thing I recall seeing recently are the bulkhead feed throughs
>used by Polyphaser and similar. Requires mounting a box resembling an
>electrical enclosure on the outside, and all lines are grounded in
>common. The only things I've seen for cable TV are those small outlet
>plates with accompanying box inside, wouldn't work for large coax. I
>have seen the cheap plexiglass type made to go in an opened window
>Seems it would be fairly easy to build one out of sheet metal and the
>longer bulkhead-type SO-239 barrels. Unless you want the 'real'
>vintage look with stand off insulators chasing across the ceiling with
>open wire line and some hefty knife switches for disconnecting to
>ground. You might want to redo the room with nice beaded matched
>lumber first, though.
>Good luck with it - 
>de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ
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