[AMRadio] Collins 32V-3 Need Repaired In NJ

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jun 8 14:35:30 EDT 2005

Hi Rich:

Before you do too much, check the tubes in the audio section.  If you have a 
good tube checker, run them through it.  If no just replace them one at a 
time to see what happens.  Might be something real simple.  Also suspect the 
rectifier that handles the low level audio section.

Also be sure your mic. cable ground is good.

73  Jim

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Subject: [AMRadio] Collins 32V-3 Need Repaired In NJ

> Hi
> I have a Collins 32V-3 and I get reports that the
> carrier is fine but the audio is fussy, rough.
> But people can understand me but not very clear audio.
> I'm using a non amplified d-104.
> Is there anyone here in NJ that can repair it?
> Of course I will pay for repair.
> My first time on this mailing list.
> Hope to here from someone. Really looking forward to
> getting on AM.    Must be in NJ for repair.
> Thanks........Rich   KF2GG     973-857-1195
> Cedar Grove  NJ     Essex County.
> Will travel in NJ to get repaired.    :)

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