[AMRadio] Collins 32V-3 Need Repaired In NJ

John Coleman wa5bxo2005 at pctechref.com
Wed Jun 8 17:55:40 EDT 2005

I had a 32V3 for awhile and it had poor audio especially after being on the
air for about 233 min.  The scope showed a trapezoid looking wave (clipped
with a slope, instead of a nice sign wave, especially on the low freq tones.
This, I remembered from school, happens when a XFMR is reaching saturation
so I started looking and sure enough it was from the driver XFMR.  But it
showed real nice for the first couple of min. and then started saturating.
Further investigation proved the XFMR was OK but the cathode bias resistor
on the driver tube was going down in value and as plate current increased
through the driver XFMR it would saturate.  Replacement of the cathode
resistor solved the trouble.

John, WA5BXO    

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I have a Collins 32V-3 and I get reports that the
carrier is fine but the audio is fussy, rough.
But people can understand me but not very clear audio.
I'm using a non amplified d-104.
Is there anyone here in NJ that can repair it?
Of course I will pay for repair.
My first time on this mailing list.
Hope to here from someone. Really looking forward to
getting on AM.    Must be in NJ for repair.
Thanks........Rich   KF2GG     973-857-1195
Cedar Grove  NJ     Essex County.
Will travel in NJ to get repaired.    :)

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