[AMRadio] National Stuff Wanted

Geoff w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Jun 10 19:30:28 EDT 2005

ronnie.hull wrote:

>Howdy Y'all
>I'm looking for a AA coil set for my HRO-60 as well as a SOJ-3 Select-o-ject
>Coil must be in working order, select-o-ject need not be working.
>If not luck on the SOJ-3 I'll build one.   Actually, I need to build 2, one 
>for my 183D and one for my -60
>sell, trade, whateve? I have LOTS of trading material
>thanks and 73's

Did you find anything, Ronnie?

I'm only sending a message to the list to 're-prime the pump' as it were...

7 = Best Regards,

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