[AMRadio] FS: Ham Radio Books and Publications

Joe A. Taylor n4nas1 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 14 12:34:52 EDT 2005

Hi Dave:
   I would love to have your book
Practical Wire Antennas-RSGB Book....$15    Excellent
   if it hasn't been spoken for already.

   I'm a real RSGB  RadCom fan.
   Please advise availability and I'll forward funds.

   Joe Taylor  N4NAS
   P O Box 1852
   Glasgow, KY 42142-1852

>>Joe <<   n4nas1 at hotmail.com

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>Subject: [AMRadio] FS: Ham Radio Books and Publications
>Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 07:55:44 -0700
>More shack cleaning. Here are a bunch of ham radio and antenna books. 
>Prices do not include shipping. I will ship via media mail to keep cost 
>down. I will ship overseas. Thanks for looking.
>Dave N7RK
>Radio Handbook- 13th Edition (Bill Orr)-1951   $25 Excellent
>Radio Handbook - 14th Edition (Bill Orr)-1956....$25    Excellent (call of 
>previous owner on inside covers)
>Practical Radio Communication (925 pages)-1943 Excellent....$15
>RCA Radiotron Designer’s Handbook-1941 Excellent....$25
>Practical Wire Antennas-RSGB Book....$15    Excellent
>Handbook of Semiconductor Electronics-1956....$8    Excellent
>All About Vertical Antennas (Bill Orr) 1986....$10
>Vertical, Beam and Triangle Antennas (Noll) 1970....$12   Good
>Beam Antenna Handbook 4th edition-1974 (Bill Orr)....$6 Cover torn
>New Beam Antenna Handbook (Bill Orr )-1983....$8  Very Good
>Television Handbook (Sam's)-1959....$7    Excellent
>Know Your Oscilloscope (Sams)....$6  Very Good
>Understanding Transistors and Transistor Projects (Allied Radio)....$5 Very 
>Ham Radio Horizons Magazine - 1977 First Issue....$15
>ARRL FM and Repeaters - 1972.............$8  Very Good
>ARRL- The Mobile Manual for Radio Amateurs-1962........$10  Very Good
>Radio Buyer's Sourcebook-1991 ARRL Book....$5    Excellent
>Your VHF Companion 1996 ARRL Book....$5   Excellent
>Thanks for looking
>Dave  N7RK          Boatanchors Home Page: http://members.cox.net/n7rk
>Phoenix, Arizona         DXCC Honor Roll    WAZ#22 - 75 Meter SSB
>Boatanchor and Antique Radio Collector
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