[AMRadio] List Posting Question

Mark K3MSB mark.k3msb at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 10:48:03 EDT 2005

I'll be changing ISP's in a month or so (dialup to Satellite) and I'm
in the process of changing over the Lists I subscribe to.

I've subscribed to the AMradio list,  but when I post,  it will not
send a copy to my new email address (and I'm posting from my new email
address; resubscribed from it etc).  The message gets to the list,  I
just don't get a copy.  I've verified this as I still receive the list
from my old email address.

I've sent an email to owner-amradio at qth.net,  but that just bounces
back.  I've been to my "member page" for the AM list, and verified I
have the correct boxes checked etc.

Any ideas?

Looking forward to getting rid of dialup......

73 Mark K3MSB  (mark.k3msb at gmail.com)

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