[AMRadio] Baxter gets it

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Jun 17 19:40:22 EDT 2005

Pat, innocent until proven guilty.  Nothing happens until he appears before 
a ALJ who rules on the guilty part.

Once found guilty, he can appeal to federal courts.  If guilty, his case is 
referred for collection, to whom I forget (maybe the U.S. Marshals), but he 
will be hounded until he pays.  The license renewal is a separate thing.

73  Jim

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>I find it all very entertaining. Indeed, the requirements of his class of 
>license do not keep the riffraff out.
> After what he does with a part of the spectrum that I would like to use 
> but for one requirement, I hope they throw the book at him.
> One FCC term I see is "apparent liability" If it is merely apparent and 
> the FCC does not accuse him of actual liability, why would he be motivated 
> to pay a dime?
> And does the FCC have the authority and the power to actually "take" money 
> from him?
> Just curious as to how these things play out.
> PJ

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