[AMRadio] WTB Pair of 833As

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Mon Jun 20 17:15:22 EDT 2005


    I had a pair, but I sent them to Otis, K5SWK.
These were pulls from the far east anyway of unknown

    I wonder sometimes about projects like what you
mention. My opinion on this kind of thing is to
approach it in one of two ways:

1.) Go for it if you have a half dozen or more known
good vintage tubes such as 304TL, 833, 810, 4-400,

2.) Use a new style tube that is currently being
manufactured such as a 572B. With this approach you
can just buy one or two, and rest easy knowing that
more are available for years to come at a reasonable

  I know that the second approach has less appeal.
Saying your running the legal limit with a pair of
833's is more impressive than a pair of 572B's. Heck
the receiving person's S-Meter will be up about 20db
higher just from the description of your HB rig!
Somebody else running the same power on a rice box
driving a SB-220 will be about 20 db weaker for the
same RF power output. Vintage watts get out better
than modern watts! This is kinda like a 40 watt RMS
tube Hi-Fi amplifier that "sounds as loud" as a 250
watt solid state job. :-)

PS There is some truth in this when you consider the
differing modulation characteristics between the two

Regards, and good luck with that project,
Jim Candela

--- Dave Aabye <w4qcu at prodigy.net> wrote:

> Guys and Gals,
> Does anyone have a pair of NOS 833As (NOT PULLS and
> NOT Chineese) that you've been saving for a project
> that will never materialize?  Maybe the time has
> come
> to sell?  If so, what's your price?  I will supply
> the
> shipping cartons.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave, W4QCU
> Oak Ridge, TN 
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