[AMRadio] FS: WRL, Stancor, SX-16, HB VFO, Hickok 534B,

Bob Maser bmaser at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Jun 21 11:04:09 EDT 2005

I wonder if the homebrew VFO could be used on my 20V-2 or -3?  Can you send 
a couple of pics?

Bob  W6TR
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For Sale

WRL Globe Scout Model 40. This is a 1952-vintage AM/CW transmitter in Bud 
desktop cabinet. Small and cute. Crystal-controlled. Uses plug-in coils, 
only 1 set included. Uses Heising screen modulation-not plate modulated. 
This thing is somewhere between excellent and superb cosmetic condition. 
Working just as it sits. With a Hi-Manuals manual copy. Tube lineup is: 
1-6F6 Oscillator, 1-6146 final, 1-6SJ7 Speech Amp, 1-6C5 Driver, 1-6L6 
Modulator, 1-5U4G Rectifier. Really nice rig. $140

Stancor 60P transmitter. This is a 1940 vintage CW/AM transmitter designed 
for 80-10 meters. Rackmount with no cabinet. This was originally a kit and 
it has been modified over the years. The wiring needs gone over and 
reworked. The original from panel had unoriginal holes in it and I made a 
new front panel but it is black wrinkle when the original was a gray shade. 
I have copies of the manual and a copy from the Hamannual  booklet. Tube 
lineup is 1-HK 24 (same as 3C24), 1-RK60, 2-6L6M, 1-6SJ7, 1-6N7, 1-5Z3. This 
will restore to a fine rig but it needs restoration. $65. I may be able to 
suppy a suitable cabinet for an extra $20. But I'd have to root around to 
see if I have one.

Hallicrafters SX-16 receiver. Very good front panel and cabinet that needs 
refinished. Working fair to poor. $145

Homebrew 80 meter VFO or QRP exciter. Black wrinkle paint peeling. Tube 
lineup Is 6F6 to 6L6 with 5Y3 and 2 VR-150 for power and regulation. This is 
almost identical to the first signal shifter. Beautifully built. $65

Hickok 534B tube tester. This is the model with the built in VOM. Tube 
testing side works. I did not test VOM. Needs cleaning. $375

Murch UT-2000A Antenna Tuner. This is a commercial version of the Lew McCoy 
HF "Ultimate Transmatch". This one has a settings chart taped to the front. 
But it is otherwise in beautiful original condition. Woking as designed. 
With original one-page instruction sheet. $105

Thanks  for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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