[AMRadio] High Impedance Mics

Cory Hine cory_hine at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 14:59:04 EDT 2005

Great that you found a station. Heil makes a Goldline
mic for vintage equipment. I use on on my Collins
KWM-2A. Works great....


--- Dino Darling <k6rix at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Hello!  After spending years listing to you and
> loosing bid after bid on 
> e-bay, I have an AM station!
> I purchased the Heathkit DX-100B and the
> Hallicrafters SX-42.
> I would like to run the classic D-104 or a studio
> quality Heil mic.  Other 
> than my Shure 444-D and the mic that came with the
> radio, I don't know what 
> my options are as far as a quality mic for the
> Heath.  Also, how can I 
> successfully run a Heil pro mic on this radio? 
> Thanks for the guidance and 
> I hope to hear you on the West Coast tomorrow night!
> Dino...k6rix at earthlink.net 
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