[AMRadio] Petition -- teeth

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 05:10:30 EDT 2005

Yes, there's not much kneecap-breaking power contained
in the proposal against people who disrespect others.
But when you think about it, as we did, we today do
not have more than the "one Riley" either, and there
have been some chronic examples where the enforcement
process has taken forever to get traction.

So, if at least part of the problem is because there's
not enough use of certain available areas of the band,
then let's consider allowing people suffering
interference to QSY across a greater range for
potential relief. It can be hoped that high-impact
events would offer, as part of their planning,
voluntary constraints on where it takes place, as part
of the cooperative effort to make way for people who
don't wish to participate.

The following is stated in the Petition, but even more
so I am personally convinced MOST existing phone/CW
activity will remain right where it is by habit.
Levels of interference are mild, overall, most of the
time, and acceptable to the vast majority of people.
We try to deal with the other small percentage of
occasional conflicts, while also responding to the
need to more evenly distribute the "load" a given band
faces from the variety of modes and activities in use
at any moment. 

Not everyone who moves would be doing so to escape
interference, but rather, to AVOID creating
compatibility problems for others. That's a powerful
effect that cannot be measured by "enforcement" after
something has already caused friction.

Thanks for your continued consideration.


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