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David Knepper cra at floodcity.net
Wed Jun 22 11:56:43 EDT 2005

That brave, young Boy Scout, who was found yesterday after five harrowing
days lost in the Utah wilderness, soon after munching down some Granola
bars, asked if he could borrow a cell phone to play a video game.  Does that
tell you anything about the interests of young people?

Let's look at another generation that may be more turned on to ham radio -
our Senior citizens.  I believe that there are many in the 55 and older
cohert who would love to get their ticket so they could spend their idle
time talking to hams around the world.  My point is that, perhaps, we should
be enticing our Seniors to join our ranks.   Just listen on the bands during
the day and you find lots of retirees enjoying their hobby.

A excellent meeting place for our Seniors is the local senior activity
center in your neighborhood.  Ask the senior center director if you could
make a demonstration of ham radio while enjoying lunch with these wonderful
folks.  You might want to contact your County Agency on Aging and speak to
the administrator in charge.

Thanks for listening.

David, W3ST
Publisher of the Collins Journal
Secretary to the Collins Radio Association
To Join the CRA go to www.collinsra.com
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> On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 09:56:45 -0400 "Todd, KA1KAQ" <ka1kaq at gmail.com>
> writes:
> > > I also think they only thing that will 'save' amateur radio will be
> > more hands-on involvement by active hams giving something back
> > through
> > public service, school visits, or other demonstrations. Giving away
> > licenses hasn't done it, and won't.
> Here's four recent examples off the ARRL site. Many clubs also have
> activities that target public service, school visits, or other
> demonstrations. You need to get out more from behind the gowing tubes and
> dancing meters and see what's really happening with today's youth and
> amateur radio.
> http://www.remote.arrl.org/news/features/2005/06/16/1/?nc=1
> http://www.remote.arrl.org/news/stories/2005/06/09/3/?nc=1
> http://www.remote.arrl.org/news/stories/2005/06/03/100/?nc=1
> http://www.remote.arrl.org/news/features/2005/05/17/1/?nc=1
> >Today's radio gear resembles the
> > computers, video game consoles, cellphones and stereo gear kids use on
> > a daily basis, so even that is a tough sell. Show them some glowing
> > tubes and meters with needles dancing around and their eyes light up.
> Even some of us "seasoned hams" enjoy the flexibility, performance, and
> the wealth of options that today's rigs provide us. I fail to see how
> showing the youth of today "glowing tubes and dancing meters", who, most
> likely, could not relate to these images, would entice them to embrace
> amateur radio.
> > Something about sending your voice across the country or around the
> world without the aid of connected wires still has appeal.
> Doing it with a box that's 2 inches high, 6 inches wide, and 8 inches
> deep, and doesn't weigh 500 pounds and take up an entire table space, and
> has more flexibility, features, performance, and has dancing LED meters
> and other blinking novelties, probably can relate better with today's
> youth.
> >You're not going to get every kid, or even a lot of them, but when was
> that ever the case?
> Glowing tubes and dancing meters may have worked 30, 40, and 50 years ago
> as an enticement, but that's past generation, It has little use as a
> carrot in today's world.
> Pete, WA2CWA
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