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peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Wed Jun 22 20:36:34 EDT 2005

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:22:26 -0400 "Todd, KA1KAQ" <ka1kaq at gmail.com>
> Pete -
> Apparently you missed the part I said about today's gear being too
> much like what they already have and use without need for a license:
> like a cellphone, the internet, or whatever else. I've been working  in
> the public service side of ham radio at least since 1984, and I've
> been doing public demonstrations of vintage gear almost as long, on my
> own as well as with folks like W1RC, K1MVP and others. I can say with
> certainty, from firsthand experience - kids LOVE old radios.

**Yep, and besides old radios, they also like old fire trucks, police
cars, airplanes, toy trains, etc. too. Just liking old radios does not
prepare them for the amateur radio of today and tomorrow. They may be
great to look at, but they sure don't prepare them for the technology of
> Besides radio clubs, I've worked at, organized, or put on displays at
> schools, government meetings, and public shopping malls for community
> awareness days and such. I don't think it's a case of my needing to
> get out more, Pete - I think more likely it's a case of you needing to
> remove those rose-colored glasses that have 'A.R.R.L' stenciled across
> the lenses.

**My only mention of the ARRL was to view some examples. Not sure what
you're reading into this. But, I do like my "rose-colored glasses" as
much as my "men-in-black" glasses.

> It's not just my opinion that the 'League' has been  more
> focused on selling books and subscriptions for the last 30 or more

**Maybe you should offer them some alternative suggestions to generating
additional revenue for fighting BPL, Emergency Communications Training, 
ARRL services, Salaries, general operating costs, etc., etc. I don't see
where they have many revenue generators at this time.

If 'saving amateur radio' means dumbing it down until
> absolutely no one wants to be part of it (think 'CB'), then your
> approach works just fine. 

**I see more amateurs today "putting it down" than "dumbing it down".

> My experience in recent years has been  that
> people, including kids, relate FAR more to 'glowing tubes and dancing
> meters' with respect to radio than they do with a plug and play piece
> of plastic. 

**Yep, and kids like going to parades and seeing all the vintage Model
T's and vintage fire trucks too, but it doesn't reflect today's world
either. It's great and important to keep radio history alive in the minds
of young and old. There is a point to teaching history in the classrooms.
But, "glowing tubes and dancing meters" is what it is, a piece of
history, kept alive by a small group of dedicated amateurs that we're
both part of. It does not reflect the future of amateur radio and the
direction that we should be pointing the future amateur radio members.

> No different than the general public still relating the
> dits and dahs of CW with radio, which is why so many examples in film
> and TV still use this and other 'outdated' clips to get the point

**It sounds better then listening to a digital packet burst. CW has
audible rhythm, a packet burst doesn't.

> I'd be curious to know what *your* experiences have been in the way of
> public service, demonstrations, and whatever else to support your
> approach. It's easy to post links to what others have done or are
> doing, it's a whole lot different to be out there doing it.

**I'm not going to get into a boy's locker room, show and tell with you:
"you show me yours and I'll show you mine"
If you're interested, you can review the activities of some of the clubs
I'm associated with, up on the ARRL web site under NNJ Section and Hudson


> I'm willing to accept that the ARRL does serve a purpose, Pete. I just
> don't think it does anywhere near the job it is capable of, or likes
> to portray itself as doing. I've been a member twice, I won't be again
> until the biased and arrogant mentality of much of the leadership has
> changed. For some of them, it's just like a political position: it
> becomes more of a career and less a case of 'serving the
> constituents'. ARRL is supposed to represent all hams equally, not
> simply the group that sells the most new Yaecomwood radios for their

**I bet this is the perceived back-door politics and alleged conspiracies
that several people have alluded to over the last few years.

Pete, WA2CWA

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