[AMRadio] Matchbox Melts Down IC-735 ??

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Thu Jun 23 13:49:13 EDT 2005


    I have a Viking 275 matchbox myself. I have wooden
shim in the TR relay so I can use it like a newer
style tuner. Took it out of my 600L amplifier...

    As for an Icom 735, I'm not too sure how robust
those rigs are, but surely it has some sort of SWR
protection circuit? I wonder how long this guy kept
turning up the coal into a bad load?

    Since you sold this thing on Ebay, whether you are
right or wrong, your feedback may reflect your next
step. Think carefully before proceeding.

Good Luck Don,

Jim Candela

--- Greg S <oldlongbeard at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Also- 
> These tuners had a T/R relay built in. Bet he didn't
> hook THAT up! If that was the problem, here again,
> Don.... Not your fault. Good luck. 
> Greg, KC8HXO
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