[AMRadio] Thank You! --WAS:Matchbox Melts Down IC-735 ??

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Jun 23 14:36:58 EDT 2005


Having had satisfactory business dealings with you in the past, I am sure 
you will make a decision that will satisfy both you and the buyer.

I have owned a 735 before and it does have an SWR foldback circuit.  It may 
be the circuit in his transceiver was defective.  I would make him furnish 
information about how he connected the matchbox and explain what he wanted 
to do with the unit before returning any funds.

As for Ebay feedback, you will have a chance to answer the feedback and a 
thoughtful reply that is true will satisfy those who read it.  I would not 
be that concerned.  Remember he has a feedback box as well.

73  Jim

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> Thanks to the 22 folks who were kind enough to take the time to reply. The 
> consensus of the replies is that I may choose to offer the buyer his money 
> back if he returns the matchbox. But I could also choose not to do so, at 
> the peril of my eBay feedback rating.
> Comments about the user's use of the Matchbox are summarized as:
> 1. It's a balanced tuner. Running it with an unbalanced output from a 
> transceiver could be unpredictable.
> 2. It has a T/R relay that defaults to R. Was the T/R relay properly 
> energized?
> 3. Icom's literature says that the IC-735 does have thermal overload 
> protection against high SWR. Why didn't it work?
> 4. The meltdown could have occurred due to a violent mismatch into which 
> the operator let the TX transmit too long.
> So I guess I still have a decision to make. I am not sure what I will do 
> yet.
> But thanks all for your help and moral support. It's the first time 
> anything like this has happened to me...
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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