[AMRadio] roundtable ettiquette

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Thu Jun 23 22:08:11 EDT 2005

Grant, NQ5T, got it right.   I would only add DON'T SCREW UP THE ROTATION!   
Write down a list of participants, keep it current as people check in and out 
and, above all, keep track of who passes the turn to you and who gets it next, 
i.e., stay in the game.    

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA


In a message dated 6/23/05 6:01:56 PM, nq5t at comcast.net writes:

> 1.  Find someplace besides right smack dab on top of the existing round
> table to tune up. 
> 2.  Wait for someone to turn it to the next person in the rotation and just
> throw out your call.  "Break <your call> works, too.  AM'ers  generally
> leave a "space" between transmissions just for this purpose.  If it's a more
> VOX-like exchange in progress, wait for a break and then announce yourself.
> Virtually all AM QSO's welcome anyone that happens by.
> 3.  Leaving is about the same.  Let people know you're going, that this will
> be your last transmission, etc.  Don't just vanish.  If you have to leave
> out of turn, use that space between transmissions to jump in quickly and let
> folks know you're going, then pass it to the person that was next in the
> rotation.
> 4.  The bigger the group, the shorter your transmissions ought to get.
> There's nothing worse than a roundtable of 6-8 or more people all making
> long old buzzard transmissions -- it can be an hour (or longer) before you
> get to open your mouth again :-) 
> What else? -- I don't know --- leave the bodily noises outside the radio
> room, and remember that you probably have a bigger general audience on AM
> than you would on sidband.  If I'm working in the room but not participating
> I'd MUCH rather listen to an interesting AM QSO than the other stuff ...
> Grant/NQ5T

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA

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