[AMRadio] ART 13's for sale

Damon Raphael w7md at comcast.net
Thu Mar 3 17:07:43 EST 2005

Hi Ron,
I would like one.  I know that you prefer not to ship it but we maybe 
able to work out either my picking it up at the next AMI Barbecue or 
when one of the guys comes to what used to be the Tuthill Swap and Shop 
(now in Williams,AZ)
Dennis, W7QHO usually drives to that one.
Let me know.
Damon, W7MD
Tucson, AZ

w6om at cox.net wrote:
> Due to downsizing of the QTH I am forced to sell some of my beloved boat anchors.
> Three ART 13's cleaned and ready to go with downloaded manuals, power supply suggestions and some idea's from users with respect to modifications.
> These sell on eBay for $250 - $350 and $289.00 at Surplus Sales of Nebraska.  
> $175.00 firm, first come first served.
> Two are virgin, one has several enhancements to the output circuit.
> All sitting in my office in Irvine for inspection, purchase and pick up.  I prefer not to ship the ART 13's unless absolutely necessary.  We are right across the street from the Orange County John Wayne Airport about 200 yards off the 5 Freeway at Mac Arthur.
> If shipping is required I will only charge you for the packaging and actual shipping, no goofy handling charges.
> Call for directions or questions to 949-851-8737
> Ron Weaver - W6OM - FO5VO
> www.qsl.net/w6om
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