[AMRadio] ART 13's for sale

Damon Raphael w7md at comcast.net
Thu Mar 3 20:25:56 EST 2005

Hi Ed,
The AMI events are announced on the Wednesday evening West Coast AMI Net.
The last one was at the end of August so expect another one in 5 to 6 
months unless someone decides to have a party at the "spur of the 
moment".  I made one at my place about a year and a half ago. It was a 
load of fun and got to meet some new AM dudes that I didn't know.
Best regards,
Damon Rapahel, W7MD
Tucson, AZ

Edward B Richards wrote:
> Hi Damon;
> I am a recent AMI member (#1534). This is the first I have heard about an
> AMI barbecue. Can you tell me where I can get more info? Thanks.
> 73, Ed Richards K6UUZ

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