[AMRadio] BC-610 Xtal Holder

Deric Affleck daffleck at auracom.com
Sun Mar 6 15:33:40 EST 2005

Hello Bob,

Congrats on acquiring a BC-61 (Beastie 610)!!
There is aWW II documentary DVD available which has a 28 min. story by
Hallicrafters about the conversion of the HT-4 to military use showing ass'y
line production & testing plus building the SC-299 mobile carrier for it.
The DVD is called "Voice of Victory" and would be a nice bit of historical
trivia to go along with your BC-610. Of course Hallicrafters is "blowing
their own horn" about how great their transmitter was but has some great
historical shots. It is available from several sources so if you do a web
search it should come up. I bought my copy from a fellow on EBay. The
BC-610 part is about 14 minutes long then there is a second documentary
by RCA about how important radio communications is to the military and
centers around two brothers, both amateurs, who join the army & navy and
get into military communication school. DVD is B & W footage from WW II,
Just thought I would send this along in case you haven't seen it.

All the best,

Deric VY2DA.

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> I have just purchased a 610 and going to use it xtal control. I have xtals
> for 75 meters in FT243
> holders. I am told that there is an adapter available for the large
> xtals.  If so does someone have one they will part with???  or does anyone
> know the part ##  to ask for...Have a whole month to find one before
> delivery from W  Texas... Thanks Folks...
> Very Best 73's
> Bob Peters-W1PE
> ARRL ASM, President
> QCWA Chapter 41
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