[AMRadio] anyone for qrp am?

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Sun Mar 6 16:59:47 EST 2005

In a message dated 3/6/05 1:40:13 PM, zuu6k at juno.com writes:

> I, also,would like to build a QRP AM rig. I have the 6L6's and 1625's.
> What I need is a modulation trandformer. Any suggestions, anyone? Thanks.

For a plate modulator that works great and does not require a hard-to-find   
transformer try the circuit described by Dale Hileman in the April 1955 issue 
of Radio and Television news.   Heising circuit with a clever bias shifting 
scheme included.   Hileman called it a "Reference Shift" modulator.   Circuit 
revisited in ER #91, November 1996 with some updates for using several popular 
sweep tubes in place of the 807 originally employed by Hileman.

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA

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