[AMRadio] anyone for qrp am?

k0ng at inebraska.com k0ng at inebraska.com
Sun Mar 6 20:05:37 EST 2005

Ronnie: First, congrats on the Lil 6L6 riG !! Hope to work you on it.
Just curious why you chose 7123 ?? Do you have a rock there ??
As to Low Power AM, I think we need to exercise little rigs like the
AF-67 and Gonset Commanders etc. (which I possess). There is some low 
power activity on about 3880 on Monday mornings I beleive. Try there.

Have fun,  DE Charlie K0NG   .. 

Quoting "ronnie.hull" <ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com>:

> this has been fun, building the little 6L6 transmitter, and I'm still looking
> forward to that first qso today sometime with it
> I'm curious, do any of you ever build low power modulators with these rigs 
> and try to make contacts on AM?
> I head a 807 rig modulated by 6L6's ( I think ) a few weeks back and it 
> sounded just GREAT!!
> 73's
> Ronnie - W5sum  ( just sent my first cq of the day on 7.123 )
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