[AMRadio] BC-610 Xtal Holder

Barrie Smith barrie at centric.net
Sun Mar 6 20:15:25 EST 2005

> I am curious if anyone is using a pre-WW2 version of the HT-4.  What kind 
> of crystal holder did it use?  Was it identical to the one in the wartime 
> BC-610?


My HT4-B was made in 1938, and uses the same TU's (and crystals) that the 
BC-610 uses.

While we are on off-beat questions regarding the HT4/BC-610. I have one:

The HT4-B has a four-prong "banana" socket at the very back and left of the 
RF section.  By examining the wiring, it's obviously there to plug a 
padder-cap into for LF operation.

Does the BC-610 have this socket, as well?

And, has anyone ever seen, or own, one of these padder-caps?

73, Barrie, W7ALW 

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