[AMRadio] anyone for qrp am?

Geoff w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon Mar 7 00:39:15 EST 2005

ronnie.hull wrote:

>this has been fun, building the little 6L6 transmitter, and I'm still looking 
>forward to that first qso today sometime with it
>I'm curious, do any of you ever build low power modulators with these rigs 
>and try to make contacts on AM?
>I head a 807 rig modulated by 6L6's ( I think ) a few weeks back and it 
>sounded just GREAT!!
>Ronnie - W5sum  ( just sent my first cq of the day on 7.123 )

You must have heard Ronnie/K5WLT down near Seguin (Seh-geen), Texas.

That's a unique rig... using an 807 in the final, and a pair of 6L6's in 
the seperate modulator.
The reason it's seperate, is because the final is actually a Knight-kit 
T-60.  The modulator is completely
100% homebrew.  The same can be said for Darrell/WA5VGO's homebrew 807 
rig.  I'm sure it's using the same tube lineup and Darrell, also, runs 
35~40w out of a single 807.  I worked 'em both today, while mobiling 
from Houston to New Orleans.

The most amazing AM mobile contact I made today was with W5WN, up in 
East Texas.  He kept claiming that my mobile, according to his 756 Pro's 
spectrum display, was consitantly the strongest signal, in the AM 
portion of the band... and there were QSO's on 3.880, and 3.885 as well 
(we were on 3.890).

My mobile is a Kenwood TS-680S, running about 2w into a 2-2SC2879 solid 
state, broad-band (no tune) solid state amp, driving around 80w into a 
Bug Catcher.  No magical stuff... just attention payed to detail.  You 
just can't get that kind of signal from any Hustler, Hamstik or 
screw-driver antenna.  The Q on this bug catcher must be -extremely 
high-, because the band width is a scant 7kc wide.

73 = Best Regards,
-Geoff/W5OMR (/5 New Orleans)

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