[AMRadio] AM Transformer Sets FS

Byron Tatum bjtatum at ev1.net
Mon Mar 7 20:27:07 EST 2005

    I have several sets of audio transformers for sale, from the Collins MD-141 modulator. This modulator used a pair of 4-65A's in P-P to modulate a pair of 4X150 type tubes in the companion VHF transmitter. I believe there are around 5 transformers total in each set, plus an input filter. The audio strip used a pair of 12AU7's, followed by a pair of 12AX7's and on to a pair of 6AQ5's.The modulation transformer is made by Chicago Transformer, part # CSTC 18075. It is Collins part # 677 0529 00. It is marked 1425 WV, 200 - 15,000 CPS, Primary P-P plates, has 3 secondaries one being 2400 ohms @ 350 MA.
    I will try and get as many of the key parts {associated with the transformers} as possible, such as 4-65 tube sockets, etc. I would like 75.00 per set plus shipping. Thanks, Byron WA5THJ. 

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