[AMRadio] More AM Modulator Parts

Byron Tatum bjtatum at ev1.net
Tue Mar 8 17:12:52 EST 2005

    Regarding my previous post on the modulation transformer sets from the Collins MD-141 modulator there is one set left.
    I have for sale 2 additional audio transformer sets from the MD-141A that are built to do the same thing { plate modulate a pair of 4X150 type tubes} however they are arranged differently : The low level stages are all on one sub-assembly, that remains intact with all audio transformers and other parts. The 120 watt modulation transformer is separate.These transformers are by Stanley and the modulator tubes were a pair of 811A's. These sets are also 75.00 each. One pair of unchecked tubes goes with first set out.
    Also for sale is :4 of solid state plug-ins for 3B28, 866 type tubes, all 2 for 25.00
                            Set of 4 of nice Johnson ceramic bayonet sockets{ for 811, 3B28 type tubes} set for 20.00, have 3 sets. Will throw in some ceramic plate caps with sockets.
    Thanks, Byron.

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