[AMRadio] amphenol 78-S5 sockets find

Damon Raphael w7md at comcast.net
Wed Mar 9 17:19:11 EST 2005

Re these the ones that are used for the Vfo cable and AC relay cables 
that connect the Globe King decks?
If they are than I need a few.
Damon, W7MD
Tucson, AZ

ronnie.hull wrote:
> I have about a dozen of these sockets, brand shiney new, that need a home. 
> These do NOT have the mounting ring with ears, but are the style held in 
> with the funky little metal snap in place ring.  However, we all know you 
> can strip the rings with ears off older used sockets and make them work.
> Anyway, I kept a few of these for myself and have 12 in need of a home. 
> $1 each and shipping
> if anyone desires some of these, drop me an E
> Ronnie - W5SUM
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