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Wed Mar 9 23:13:35 EST 2005

Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:

 > On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 19:21:48 -0600, Geoff <w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu> 
 >> Jim candela wrote:
 >>> I was accused once where my neighbor said that my voice came out of the
 >>> electric can opener in their kitchen. I was running a GK 500 on 10 
Am then
 >>> with a 3 element beam at 25' pointed at their house that was about 50'
 >>> away...
 >> which is *exactly* why I want to get out of living in a neighborhood.
 > Me too, Geoff  - I have no desire to get my WACCA (Worked All Cheap
 > Chinese Appliances) award. I thought it was bad 15 years ago, I can't
 > imagine how much worse things have gotten with all of the new
 > plug-n-play crap around.

I mean, really... in MY case, I've got a pair of 250TH's in push-pull, 
link coupled... and in order to
keep World War III from occuring in the neighborhood, from the hours of 
6AM to 12Midnight, I
limit my power output to 100w of carrier.  ONE HUNDERED WATTS OUT, from 
a *pair* of
250TH's.  down to 1500v on the plates, 100mA... hell the modulator is 
dissapating more power than
what the final is. (another pair of 250TH's w/1500v @ 100mA bias)
 From Midnight to 6am, I endulge my 'high power' craving by shoving the 
link in, until I reach 200w
of carrier output.  The final tubes -still- don't know that they're even 
on, but with a full-wave loop fed
w/450ohm ladder line, I've gotten some good reports from fairly distance 
places (like Skowhegan, ME).

My plan, all along, was to run the final around 1500v @350mA, and then 
modulate that, with the 250TH's
at 3kVDC, biased off at 150mA.  THEN, those tubes show some color ;-)

but, alas, that's only into a dummy load... only 200w output, durning 
self-imposed quiet hours...
and I still get complaints about that.

Had a neighbor, at one time, call my house at 3am, to tell me I was 
screwing up his TV (on rabbitt ears, in his garage, while he was doing 
machine-shop type work, with drills and lathes and milling machine 
running into my bedroom window, was is next to the garage he was in).  I 
said "I don't get on during the day time, except early morning, and even 
then, the power is limited... and it's 3am in the morning, I can't sleep 
because of the noise you're making, and you're bitching about me messing 
up your TV that's on RABBITT ears?  WHEN do I get to enjoy -my- hobby?"

I hung up, and he apologized the next day.

73 = Best Regards,


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