[AMRadio] need help with tranmitter design

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sun Mar 13 12:22:03 EST 2005


    One option would be to use a DDS VFO as your RF source, and drive the
rig in 67 ARRL Handbook without modification. What do you intend to use as a
receiver? Is this a tranceiver project? Also I cannot recall what LMO stands
for? Maybe "Local Modulated Oscillator"?

Some Google hits on LMO:

Living Modified Organism
Louisiana Radio Records
Long Mountain Outfitters
Little Marsh Overflow
Life Maintenance Organization



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I am designing an AM, tube-type transmitter for mobile use. I want to use
a minimum of parts to keep the cost, size, weight and power consumption
to a minimum. Also, I want to use as many existing parts as possible. I
have a Heathkit LMO for the VFO and a parts HW-101 for the tuning caps,
coil etc. I found a circuit I like in the 1967 ARRL handbook, page 187
using only 4 tubes plus a VR tube. I need to modify the circuit to fit my
wants. I am not engineer enough to redesign it. Can someone suggest a
circuit to use a 12BE6 as a pentagrid converter using the oscillator
section for a crystal oscillator with the LMO for the RF input. The
output would be on final frequency. For 75/80 meters the crystal would be
9.00 mc. I would like to follow the mixer with a driver, then a 6146
final. It is screen grid modulated. I have all the tubes. Thanks.

73, Ed Richards K6UUZ
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